India’s Foreign Minister Slams Canada for Sheltering Terrorists in the Name of Freedom

India's Foreign Minister

“India’s Foreign Minister, S. Jaishankar, strongly criticizes Canada’s lenient stance on terrorists and extremists, accusing the country of providing shelter and allowing anti-India activities under the guise of freedom of expression. Jaishankar highlights the violence against Indian diplomats and calls for a global perspective on this alarming issue.

India’s Foreign Minister said that Canada’s attitude towards terrorists

From the American capital Washington DC, India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has again slammed Canada. The Foreign Minister fiercely attacked Canada in response to a question from journalists. He said that Canada’s attitude towards terrorists and extremists is very liberal and permissive. That means Canada gives shelter to terrorists and gives them free rein to carry out anti-India activities in the name of expression of freedom. The Foreign Minister said that India does not need to learn from anyone what the expression of independence is.

Terrorist activities cannot be allowed impunity in the name of freedom. Jaishankar said that whatever is happening in Canada, if it had happened to any country other than India, he too would not have tolerated it.


A journalist asked if there is a standoff between India and Canada to resolve this issue? On this, Jaishankar said, “I don’t know whether I would use the word standoff or not.” He said that India’s issue is that today there is an atmosphere of violence and intimidation. You think about it. Smoke bombs were thrown at our embassy. Violence was committed in front of our consuls. People were targeted and threatened. Posters were put up about some people. Jaishankar said, “Tell me do you consider this normal? If this had happened in any other country, how would they have reacted? I think this question should be asked to other countries also.

Do not perceive what happened against India in Canada as normal

India’s Foreign Minister said that whatever happened against India in Canada should not be taken as normal. What is happening in Canada, has it happened anywhere else too, do you think the world will exercise restraint on it? Jaishankar said that threatening diplomats in the name of freedom of expression is not acceptable.

We do not believe that freedom of expression extends to inciting violence. What Canada is doing in the name of freedom and expression is, to us, an abuse of freedom. This is not a defense of freedom. One question I always ask people is, if you were in my place, what would your reaction be? If it were your diplomats, your embassies, your people, how would you have reacted?’The entire debate should not focus on just one issue, but should also discuss the larger scenario, which has been going on for some time and is very serious.

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